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Logitech K780, iPad Pro 12.9 + Silicone Case: Does it Fit?

Dear Internet,

You can breathe.

I can confirm the iPad Pro 12.9 while wearing a Apple Silicone Case, WILL fit into the slot on the Logitech K780 keyboard.

No hammer required.

(I searched for confirmation of this before buying the keyboard, but couldn't find any.)

To you would-be buyers of this keyboard..

It works as advertised.

And if you like to keep your iPad in its case, you jolly well can you lucky duck.


After typing millions of words on the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard, and the regular Apple keyboard you find with most iMacs these days.. this Logitech initially felt a bit toy-like: keys are taller, have more travel, and they're plastic. But it isn't a "bad" experience as such. More different than anything else (subjective, and all that.)

The keys do move precisely, and feel "tight" (little to no movement side to side) and the action is fairly quiet.

I will suspend my final judgement until after a few thousands words have been typed.

I've no regrets so far, at least.

Best wishes,